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Opening a bank account

If you are a non-Slovak citizen, who is opening a bank account in Slovakia, you will be required to meet these conditions and provide information or documents stated below: 

  • you must have full legal capacity without any limitation
  • you will provide one or two identification documents (ID card and/or other identification evidence, passport, driver’s license, etc.)
  • at least one of them must include a photo and your residence address
  • you will be asked for information about your correspondence address
  • you may be asked to fill in an application form and create your specimen signature in the bank
  • it is recommended to personally visit the bank (branch), but it may be possible to open bank account based on power of attorney; in this case, please contact the respective bank for additional information 
  • in some banks, you may be asked to present your residence permit 
  • in some cases you may be required to deposit minimum balance, according to specifications of chosen product in the respective bank
  • in respect of withholding tax applied on interest of deposits, you may be asked to present a certificate of tax payer’s residence, in order to prove your tax residency

If you have any other questions please contact the respective bank for additional information.

* above stated conditions varies across banks, please contact respective bank for precise conditions and detailed information