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Slovak Banking API Standard

The Slovak Banking API Standard (SBAS) defines secure communication between the banks and third party providers based on PSD2 requirements. SBAS represents minimum requirements for API implementation.
In general the the standard is voluntary for SBA members (Banks or ASPSP) and it is obligatory only for members which have joined it.


Slovak banking API standard ver. 1.1 (pdf) - from 19 June 2018
Slovak Banking API Standard - OpenAPI Specification (JSON, YAML)


Slovak banking API standard ver. 1.0 (pdf) - from 1 December 2017 until 18 June 2018

Other documents:

Presentation of SBAS


SBA members that joined the Slovak Banking API Standard (SBAS)

id member from  SBAS  version  developer portal 
1 Tatra Banka a.s. 1 July 2018 1.0 Open Banking TB